Triangle EP

by Snagwing

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Songs about messy minds, mundane moments of transcendent love, and flirting with incomprehensible meaninglessness.


released December 19, 2015

Recorded at Miner Street Recordings.
Mixed by Matt Schimelfenig.
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Philadelphia PA.



all rights reserved


Snagwing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Blending Kitsch and Weird since 2010.

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Track Name: New Kind of Love
You don't know what to wear
had no idea that you'd care
how you seem, now with me

I'm dragging both my feet
noone new that i'd like to meet
I can't I just wear jeans?

Cause it's a new kinda love

Never seen such a view
from up here everything looks new
oh is our love something we can improve?

and on the avenue we go
let nothing show, just another row
but there's a buzzing that I feel, and electric eel
can we make a deal?

but it's up to me

I'll take you to that place
put that smile right back on your face
we need some pictures, seriously
Track Name: Obliterate
If we fail, though full of glory
would you even know
we gave it our damndest
but the answer was "no"

wil it rise from the ashes
of our defeat
smoke seen for miles
our failure complete

life launched in a mud pit
stands tall and dreams
held by a vision
and breaking at seams

if you were to pass by
once we're all thru
would the love that we broke for
be broken too?

burn my voice in stone
and write my song in bone
then we will see

on the beach, the Sun is so stunning
the water so cool
my nephew(s) is laughing
and joy is the rule

we build up a castle
tower and wall
pail and a shovel
big hands and small

if only one thing lasts thru death
let it be the love that I left

wait for an answer
will this smoke drift away
the ocean wave will it come and obliterate?
Track Name: Solitude
take me far from here
make my silence clear
friend that I've ignored, too long
I've come to you to hear your crystal song

lose me in a dream
and pull me down the stream
yes I've drowned my thoughts to sleep
let them rise, let them steep

O Solitude, I've made a mess of you
I haven't heard a thing you say
you call my name
my thoughts all melt away
what's left is where I'd like to stay

but I'm running from myself

in the basement of my mind
i held on to my last hope so tight
to fall would bring a blackness without end
we fight to keep the light as long we can

What can I say?
I've looked the other way
I feared the echo in the cave
So bring the wave(!)
forget the peace we save
yes it's the torrent that I crave

but I'm (still) running from myself

and when you've had enough
of this game
when there's nothing hung on your name
come find me in the wood that you burn
I'll be burning soft red, always