Patience! EP

by Snagwing

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Recorded between July 2010-February 2011


released March 1, 2011

Thanks to Kieran Pechter for back ups, Chris Ingram for some bass, and Missy Woodrow for the album art.



all rights reserved


Snagwing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Blending Kitsch and Weird since 2010.

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Track Name: Lost Ghost
wouldn't it be nice to be brought back to life?
im a lost ghost wonderin where to go
i remember sights and smells
the sound of ringing bells
the feeling of the wind as it blows

I know it would be better than livin in the dirt
even though I've grown so used to the dark
I know it would be better to see the golden light
I'd do anything to come back to life

I remember walkin round the sweet part of town
the flowers would sing me secrets bout the bees
layin in the grass, sure it'd always last
my little creek, it would never freeze

only now i feel the cold and shiver in the night
the sun can't warm my bones with its light
I'm just passin through to tell you all the truth
gotta love it all while you can

but I know something you don't
ive seen the color of a ghost
and ive heard the shadows sing at night
i know what it is to die

it'd sure be nice to be brought back to life
take this lonely ghost at his word
and if you feel alone, just remember my little song
and love it all while you can
Track Name: Wedding Song
please forgive me if I stumble while I sing
ive never been to such a gathering
my sweet sister i did write this song for you
a better gift I couldn't bring

i remember following my sisters round the yard
games of dolls, what the moment called,
i would play my part

ive come to wish you well
ive come to wish you well, along with all our friends

in spite of all the things that might lead our ships astray
let this day's happy light guide the way
no squall nor thundercloud will shake our present course
this happy light is here to stay

the world can be dark at times, but today i sing for light
what melody could capture joy
i hope i got it right

ive come to wish you well

ill always be your brother, ill always be your friend
Track Name: Sister Spring
your eyes make fools weep
can i please meet the man who chose your spots
it's hard to believe you're from a blind cloud
like earth lost to creep

but stones and fire melt so birds can sing
there is a hand that holds the string
so drink your fill from sister spring
never far from home again

you are the best of machines, look and find the seams
what a joke we did believe, forgotten spark
you are the ghost in our dreams,
but only thanks to hot steam
it ain't a thing to forget

each eye born to deceive
as blind as me to ever see a hope
the ground leaves your feet but there's joy in the fall
a numbness pulls your teeth
what playful wind has gone and made the day?
i don't wanna waste away
but sister spring still makes me weep
never far from home again

what machine could learn to sing?
my heart beats my blood for free
there's no void but what you bring
forgotten spark
so please drink from sister spring
you'll remember how to sing
it ain't a thing to forget
Track Name: Song of Sky
for a week or two once i lived on light
my gut was filled along with my sight
in my fast i heard the song of the sky
a song you hum til the day you die

with this song in my heart night fell
how far our love reached who could tell
does a fire have a ghost when it's out?
better yet, is the magic in song only sound?

toil through the night
to write my chant
sing in yellow light to rehearse
what song could do for you what was done for me?
not just any song will do, spirit speak

ive a spell in mind, ring a bell and your mine
round a fire ill have you dance, with a word, you'll be entranced

i have dropped my guard for you, oh boy
hopin all the long day thru, for some rare joy
when i am old like you, will my head sadly droop?
or like a leaf in autumn's hue, old yet joyful bloom?

i heard the hymn eternal, the wind carried us away
my god remember how to be
that song boomin in the clouds, that ship blowin out to sea
my god remember how to be

in a flyin machine way up high
i sang with the song of the sky
for fuel using coal wood and dreams
climbing higher than high til we're free

down the graveyard path
to find new life
rhyme and meaning mash
boy, you've grown!

have i conjured up a ghost?
are you possessed?
second time's a charm, listen friends!

ive a spell...

on the wind i hear a song, hear some rare joy
song of sky all along, no more sweet boy
haven't heard the hymn by now, hello joy
boomin like a thundercloud, hello joy

i heard the hymn eternal...

ive a spell...
Track Name: Wisconsin
have i been made a blessed soul
by fortune kissed, my sight made full
do spirits whisper in the night
with jewels for tears and breath of life

does my heart have that fire?
that i saw in her eyes then
does my mind burn for all
a lantern lighting what we are

my friends and I took off one day
not yet made friends until that day
we knew our paths like songs: by heart -
by rote but missing meaning's art

and our hearts did burn
for something we could not handle
what's there left to learn
when you realize what you came here for?

the sun dazzled my eyes, morning light
the leaves wore their gold, what a hard won sight
the mist kissed with the pond at the bottom of the path
i heard your harp, heard your laugh

don't be scared now, don't lose hope now
if you fall down, I've got my eye on you

there's lessons left to learn
yet more truths that no words know
and travel's no commute
each step is earning ragged truth

the sun dazzled...

are there still leaps of faith
in a world that's neatly on a shelf
does spirit smoulder on
will this dead snow ever melt

on a walk by myself
I felt the echoes of our ache
I wept