Honestly EP

by Snagwing

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released November 20, 2012

Thanks to the members of a growing Snagwing family:
Ryan Sarno, Tim Leonard, Ian Everett, Chris Ingram, and Esther Wertwijn.

Album art by Eric Hosford.

Music and lyrics on all songs except "I Have Seen the Universe" (Butch Hornsby) were written by Michael Pechter.

The arrangement for "White Bison" emerged from a thoughtful collaboration with Esther Wertwijn.



all rights reserved


Snagwing Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Blending Kitsch and Weird since 2010.

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Track Name: Honestly
small thing
you've never seen the light that glistens in the fall trees
which is the sight I'd wish for you to call your first dream
the sweetest portrait of this life, one that flatters all our faces with its light

I know
I must admit that there is such a thing as sorrow
that you will grow and learn of cold and sharks and shadow
but that sweet dream will smile on, and patch your heart when hints of love are wrong

honestly there is a broken world out there
but honestly there are some folks here who do care
and honestly i'll keep the light on and let you sleep

when you have grown and learn of pain and love
then i'll say i wrote a message on a page for you in heartbreak
hopin that you would hear my prayer
back when we neither knew your name nor honest face

and i've never known why the world is filled with dark
but I do know how the light can redeem

small thing
if, as I hope, the world is like the song I now sing
then maybe the melody of life as it is ringing
slowly grows, in sadness, sweet
rising to a final note that sighs complete
Track Name: Locket
there's a leak in my soul and my love is going to waste
i'll keep it safe in my song like a locket saves a face
but still that love is no more kept by written notes
for to ring in our ears our song must die inside our throats

deep in another bed while breaking all my swears
i grew sick of that kind of love where you barter but don't share
yes still I thought of you as I lay in that bed
and I was smothered by the thought of my regret

but go on, tell your story
do I belong in those lines?
I've tossed until morning
wondering if you'll ever change your mind

I'm afraid of the future, I could use a bit more time
I've lost a gem at the water's edge; it'll scatter with the tide
yes I'm so scared that we've whispered in the dark
will always stay unlit though needing but a spark

so now I know that you have kept those flowers safe
and if your sweet memory fades they'll still keep their sweet trace
but if like this song my love does ring and sweetly fade
at least I can sing again these notes here I have made
Track Name: Carry On
Though the shadows will only laugh
I say let's carry on
and though the cold will slowly steal your flame
I say let's carry on

though the river's on a lonely curve
no other course that I can see
at least the Spring is here to take its turn
and the birds still sing for free

carry on, carry on again my boy
carry on, though the trail is cold
in this life, there's some good to stand on
but we must carry on

though our lives may fade without a trace
like notes on metal strings
maybe still we all shall linger on
in the songs our children sing
Track Name: Musical Soul
Im placing an ad for a musical soul
who’ll play in my sweet little band
Im seeking a friend with voice of gold
who can clap real good with his hands

this person should be prepared to play
for crowds that hoot and rave
I hope that their schedule is sky-blue free
cause we got some dates to save

we plan on touring the States one day
and singing for the fields and plains
and touring the old foreign continents
and playing for tips on planes

so if you bang on a drum or bow on a string
we got some notes for you to play
bring us your silent and sad guitars
and we’ll give you a place to stay

as for pay its safe to say we’re shot
this gig is for volunteers
we play cause we need to hear good songs sung
like Spartans need notches in spears
Track Name: White Bison
The people emerged to remark at your birth
though the story'd been near told to death
and folks of all kinds - by you, of one mind -
had come to put this lostness to rest

and they all then agreed
this was fruit of a seed
that their vision had come to be

and traveling hearts far from familiar parts
left with spirits lifted up and free

when they arrived at home your song was all their own
and it flew from their lips like a bird
and they rose up each day in a new kind of way
all shocked that the world hadn't heard

and they swayed in the fields
dancing under your shield
the night sky a new found friend

and the lovers all burned with the love that they'd learned
and forgot that the world might end

when the rain broke through they nodded and knew
this must be part of some plan
but when the floods grew quick
and blurred the small creek
some wondered at the grace of your hand

and some grew affright
lost their nerves for the night
and others felt pale and blue

so I got up and sang and the room all a-rang
and the hope that you'd brought spoke anew